Julie hits one out of the park

Once again, Julie over at The Hand Mirror says it better than I ever could, talking about abortion and “the ick factor”.

…to go a step further and actively lie about what’s going on in the uterus, as some do, is unacceptable;  to promulgate doctored pictures of aborted fetuses, to make misleading claims on internet forums about how fetuses can consciously smile when they can’t, to publish spurious captions to inappropriate photos used to accompany news stories.

Making mistakes and repeating misinformation you’ve been told by someone you trust I have a little sympathy with.  But lying to deliberately drive up the Ick Factor and shut down reasoned debate I can’t stand.  If your argument is any good then you shouldn’t need to lie to make your point.

The last sentence – if your argument is any good, you shouldn’t need to lie to make your point- really rings true to me. It is astounding how much deliberate misleading is done by anti-choicers (not all, but many), and I have always had the opinion that if you need to lie and deceive and coerce and manipulate facts and people to win support, then how on earth is your point a valid one? If the support you provide for your point is based on lies, how does your point even exist at all?

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