Dogs and foxes

I like this discussion of least favourite term/euphamism/slur for ‘woman’ over at Shakesville. There is such a wide vareity of personal preferences/pet hates, and it is very itneresting. It got me thinking about which ones I really dislike. I hate ‘girls’ when describing a group of adult women, absolutely hate it. I hate ‘dog’ to describe an unattractive woman. I used to think I would hate being called baby, but now (when said by the right person) I like it. And I really like how any time on Shortland Street someone wants to insult a woman/express their dislike of her, they call her a ‘bint’ (obviously the naughtiest word allowed); it is so awkward and unrealistic, andI like it purely for it’s humour value. Any ones that are your particular pet peeve?


  1. Boganette says:

    There’s a guy in my office who always calls me hun. I find it infuriating. I have always had nicknames so I’ve never been called baby or love or hun by members of my family or my partners. I suppose I wouldn’t mind baby since it would remind me of Dirty Dancing.

  2. Katherine says:

    I’m not hugely bothered by what people call me personally if it’s not meant to be insulting (hun, love etc by older people or people in service jobs, not ok by someone who is trying to hit on me or a colleague at work who is around my age). I really hate girl(s), and what infuriates me is that males my own age take offense to being called boys, but will call any group of women girls.