Scarlet – I mean CRIMSON – ladies

While reading an article on about how crimson is the new hot colour, I learnt that, beingĀ  theĀ  “busty shape” that I am, I should

…avoid deep V-necks in the colour, which could send the wrong message.

The wrong message? Like…? Oh, I get it. Instead of saying ‘I look good in crimson, and also suit deep v-necks because I’m busty’, it might say that I’m a bit loose and like to show off my goodies. I see what they’re getting at.


  1. Julie says:

    I probably don’t normally qualify as busty, does that mean I can wear deep V necks in crimson and send the “right” message? What would that message be? OH HALP MEH!

    • steph says:

      I suppose the right message is modesty and not reminding people that, under your clothes, you are a laydee – gasp!