Katy Perry Lesbian Titillation Lottery

Via Fatally Killed, a nice post about not only the stupidly repetitive nature of what stuff.co.nz considers news, but also about the how bored we all are of the ‘girl-on-girl-for guys’ thing.

The ‘girls kissing’ issue (and here I refer to girls kissing not out of real interest but because they think it is edgy/hot/a turn on for some third party/parties) isn’t anything new, and I don’t really have much to add to the ‘faux gay’ critiques. My main comment on the Katy Perry thing isn’t to do with her kissing girls (maybe she really does want to kiss them because she has a genuine interest, who am I to know?), but rather about the fact that is emphasized on Fatally Killed: the sheer inundation of puff pieces on her desires to kiss various people. Is there nothing more to Katy? I’m sure there is, and this coverage probably does her a real disservice.

(I have no beef with Katy, although the way she is marketed as an overly sexualized product is bothersome. Even if she is in control of that, and doing it because she is smart enough to know it will work well and net her a lot of money/fame, it is a bit sad to think a strategy like that does work and is employed by anyone. It would be nice if desirability wasn’t such a factor.)

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