Jadelle Implants

From the 1st of August, the government will be funding Jadelle implants, adding them to a range of government-funded contraceptives such as hormonal contraceptive pills and condoms. Pharmac expects up to 30,000 women will use the implants over five years.


  1. Bel says:

    Family Planning has a media release up about this with details on the implant – they have been campaigning for this to be subsidised for years:

    • steph says:

      Thanks for that link, Bel 🙂

      I’m very pleased to hear this news, and am appreciative of all the work Family Planning has been doing to promote this (and all the work they do in general, really!)

    • Katherine says:

      Thanks for the family planning link. I checked their website cursorily (don’t really want people to see me browsing Family Planning at work in case I click on the wrong thing more than anything else) and found their prices hadn’t changed on their main price page.

  2. Boganette says:

    Great news! Family Planning rocks.

  3. […] to protect against teen pregnancies’, about the Jadelle implant (which I have written about previously). I understand that Family Planning hopes it will tackle teen pregancy rates, and I agree that this […]

  4. charmaine says:

    when you have the Jadelle implart inserted,how long is it before you can have safe sex?