Nick Cannon’s ‘Can I Live?’ has an awesome post about Nick Cannon’s song ‘Can I Live?’ and the video for it. The post on Feministing really covers all the problems with this song (and video), but I wanted to add a quick point: one of the lyrics that jumped out at me (and please, check out the rest, I do urge you to click through the link provided on Feministing) was “A strong woman that had to make a sacrifice” (in reference to his mother deciding against having an abortion). I find that infuriating; perpetuating the idea that only weak women have abortions, and having an abortion is weak and only borne out of lack of strength to ‘do the right thing’ is extremely hurtful (and, obviously, untrue).

Do check out Feministing for a great analysis of the problems with his song and video (most of which can be traced back to the ‘this is a personal story but oh actually I’m imploring all women out there, in the voice of the foetus inside them, not to have an abortion’). I also emphasize that, as Chloe states, I have no problem with any individual making the choice not to have an abortion, because it is just that: their own personal choice. Which, funnily enough, is exactly what I (as a feminist, and just a generally non-jerky human being) am an advocate for: choice.

But, one comment to Nick: I think instead of having ‘Can I Live’ on the t-shirts of all those kids in that crowd, it should have been ‘I could have been an abortion’. Way more powerful, and right to the heart.

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