Word of the day: “alleged”

It seems silly that in this article, they talk about the “victim of the alleged sex attack”, but then later go on to describe her serious physical injuries that were bad enough to necessitate admission to hospital (and have been widely reported on). I don’t think I recall the word ‘alleged’ being tacked on there any other times I have heard about this event, but that is possible a recall bias.  I understand that often the use of ‘alleged’ is related to complaints actually being made/charges laid/evidence provided/convictions obtained, but surely if someone is so badly injured they are in a serious condition in hospital, there is some strong evidence supporting the fact that there actually was an attack. I am aware that sometimes the word rape isn’t used because there hasn’t been a conviction yet (don’t get me started), and ditto sexual assault, but surely “sex attack” isn’t a legal term that we can’t go near without the caveat of ‘alleged’ in front of it?

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