Simon Dallow, representing The Nation

Apparently Simon Dallow “doesn’t speak leso”. I’m quite sad to hear that, actually, because when us radical feminists take over the country, and force all the women to hate men and become lesbians, how will he be able to understand the angry press releases we provide for him to report on the news?

The whole coverage of his comment in this article is very strange indeed

One News anchor Simon Dallow apparently stepped over a line with his TV bosses after his media comment about his wife Alison Mau and her same-sex partner Karleen Edmonds.

Dallow was photographed enjoying convivial company at a commercial promotional launch and was asked by the Herald on Sunday gossip columnist about Mau.

He replied: “I don’t speak leso.”

Which is a rather odd thing for the main news anchor for public television to say.

TVNZ spokeswoman Andi Brotherston said: “TVNZ has dealt with Simon about this, it was handled earlier in the week.”

But she did not discuss TVNZ’s view about Dallow’s transgression. Once closely protected by network bosses who saw news anchors as representing the brand, TVNZ has taken an increasingly laissez-faire approach to Dallow and his social life on the “celebrity circuit” and in social pages since his break-up with Mau.

“I don’t speak leso” will be offensive to some, but is hardly shocking.

Maybe it fits with TVNZ apparently wishing to promote its news to swinging singles.

I find that lately I can never actually wrap my mind grapes around what people in columns/articles/any type of media report are actually trying to say. What does “maybe it fits with TVNZ apparently wishing to promote its news to swinging singles” even mean? I mean, I know that if I understood it, I’m almost certain it would be offensive. But the weird tone and style that things seem to be written in; its all so ‘I’m trying to be mysterious and evasive but also funny in kind of a veiled humour, subtle reference way’, and I end up with a headache.


  1. Boganette says:

    *Scratches head* what?

    How do these people have jobs where they’re paid to write. I don’t get it. That column makes no sense at all. What is that guy saying? Or trying to say? How much do you reckon he gets paid to write that crap? Does he really have to say “same sex partner” I mean I think we get it. Or should we just be happy that it doesn’t say “Alison Mau and her vagina-loving lesbian lover who she has sex with Karleen Edmonds”. And isn’t Alison Mau the EX wife of Simon Dallow. Since they’re y’know divorced and all? And what’s a media comment? Is that different to a comment? Or is it a media comment if someone in the media comments? I MEAN FUCK THAT’S JUST THE INTRO!

    Two truths: I need a drink and Simon Dallow is a moron.

    • steph says:

      That’s exactly how I feel after reading articles like this: either I really need a drink, or like I just had a few too many and my brain isn’t functioning

  2. Amanda says:

    Why is this in the business section? It’s like that article by DCH about Gillard and child free-ers – that was in the business section too. It’s GOSSIP, stupid NZ in-bred celebrity fighting.

    “I don’t speak leso” smacks of a very disgruntled ex-husband. And for it to be reported show’s a definite homophobic bias in this little in bred media jungle.

    Geez, who’d be a famous woman in this country.