We can all be winners

While reading a post on Feministing.com about Michael Kimmel, author of Guyland, I came across a quote  that I think sums up pretty well why some people (and especially some men) seem to be so resistant to, or angry at, or scared of feminism

“Men feel besieged and attacked by women’s advancement,” he said, and perceive gender as a zero-sum game: If women do better, men do worse.

I completely agree: so often, even now, the view that feminists want to take power for themselves and keep men chained up in dog kennels, in some sort of misandrist matriarchal dystopia, is still expressed by people. This view of a zero-sum game – women want to take power/rights/freedom/general ‘stuff’ , and to do so will mean ‘robbing’ it from men and depriving them- is far too familiar. But what people with a zero-sum game need to realise is that feminism is about righting inequalities in a way that means working towards equality, not reversing them so that a different group of people are the ones who are downtrodden. Feminism wants everyone to win, not women to win and men to lose.

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