Surely this must be a joke…

Through The Hand Mirror I heard about a few articles that rightly denounce the Haden-ish views about rape that have come up in the media recently. While I am pleased that there are people at least trying to express their disgust at the rape-apologist chorus, what I wanted to briefly mention was this delightful piece from a commentor (‘Clinton3666’, to be precise) on John Roughan’s column

Men having sex with their wivies and girlfriends are doing naturally and acceptable. Having sex help men remain interested in women.

Men who enjoyed having sex 3 times a week, for 50 years from 18 year old to 68 year old, lives longer to reach ripe old age of 100-120+ year old and look younger and healthier than lazy men who did not had sex for 50 past years.

Men who are sexually active in 18 to 70 year old and are interested in having sex with women are desired men for women.

Men who had not had sex for 20 to 50 years are less healthy and lives much shorter lifespans, cannot reach 100 years old of age and often look older.

Healthy strong & fit women in 16 to 70 years old enjoy having sex with boyfriends and husbands and are desired women for men.

Women who are avoiding having sex with men are sick, weak and unhealthy women and are not desired women. A woman who cannot stand have sex with husband 3 times a week is a weak sick unhealthy woman.

Both men and women to have strong sex drives and be very interested in sex for pleasure is natural & acceptable.

I prefterred a woman who can stand 3 sex a week.

Surely this must be a joke,right? Some sort of weird piss-take on crazy and incoherant views normally spouted by stuck-in-history angry man?Because it is just a touch too incoherant and weird to be real…

I guess though, to be fair, a woman who doesn’t have sex 3 times a week is a weak and unhealthy woman.


  1. Boganette says:

    Well I’m cutting down because I don’t want to live to be 120.

  2. Boganette says:

    Oh wait is it only men who live to be 120? I bet Ron Wood has heaps of sex and he looks like he’s 800. And not human. So I don’t think the theory works.

  3. steph says:

    Oh, and I hadn’t even noticed the “a woman who can stand 3 sex a week bit”. As if sex (for women, at least), is something to be endured. After all, I guess we are supposed to just lie back and think of England…

  4. Boganette says:

    I’m pretty sure this guy isn’t getting any sex. At all.

    • steph says:

      Even if he is, imagine how satisfying it would be when you consider he likes women who can “stand it”. Sounds mutually satisfying, huh?

  5. a man says:

    I have to admit, “3 sex a week” doing naturally and acceptable. I hope that my life not much shorter lifespan.