What the What??

Julie at The Hand Mirror has an excellent take-down of Garth George’s Herald column about Andy Haden. And when I say ‘column’, I mean ‘massive explosion of explicit and overt racism and sexism’.  I can barely form words after reading it, and suggest you check out Julie’s great post because it is well worth your attention. One the excellent points she makes is, if Garth feels that

it also pays to engage the brain before putting the mouth in gear, and to keep some thoughts to oneself except, perhaps, in trusted company.

and so thinks that Andy should have kept these thoughts to himself, then why on earth would Garth himself then spew them out in a public newspaper column?

This is not even the worst of the idiocy in his column, unfortunately. If his goal was to be massively offensive, mission accomplished. I suppose my problem (and Julie’s and every other person who reads his column on hande with horror) is just that I am too PC, right?

One Comment

  1. Katherine says:

    If the only alternatives are to be PC or to be horrendously racist, sexist etc then I’d rather be PC.