“I bet he loves women. I mean, his mum’s probably a woman”

Excellent take-down of Chris Trotter’s ridiculous opinion piece on Abortion Law over at Ideologically Impure. I enjoy how Chris says

I’ve no desire to make it more difficult for New Zealand women to access abortion. My position on this matter was decided many years ago when I asked myself whether, given the responsibility, I was prepared to require a woman to give birth to a child she didn’t want – and decided I was not. Nor, I realised, was I prepared to delegate the power of decision to anyone other than the woman herself

as if to paint himself as being that sensitive guy why ‘really gets’ the plight of women, but then can’t seem to understand why Steve Chadwick would want to re-examine abortion laws now. ¬†Yeah, I guess there aren’t any problem at all with the current system, and asking for it to get better is just being super greedy. If you have no desire to make it harder to access abortion, Chris, and you totally love women and think they should be able to make decisions for themselves, then why not make it easier?

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  1. QoT says:

    But steph! Can’t we women just think of The Left for once???