Eleanor Catton wins Man Booker Prize and talks about sexism, sexist comments ensue.

So,  Eleanor Catton just won the Man Booker Prize for The Luminaries (which I am super excited to read given my enjoyment of The Rehearsal). And then she said some stuff about the way she is treated as a female writer ocmpared to male writers, which was very interesting and also pretty bold and important.  And then, after seeing a friend like Stuff.co.nz’s article about her comments on Facebook, I got to read some awesome and insightful comments  on the posting of the article by the cool and intelligent people of the internet. On Facebook. Using their real names.







Cool, thanks for the comments, guys. Reeeeally insightful. I was nice enough to obscure names, although given that anyone on Facebook can see these comments on Stuff’s (public) page, with the names of these dudez (and links to their Facebook pages) right there next to the comments, I don’t know why I bothered.


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