BLOKES. Blokes in charge of New Zealand. While being manly.

This was a featured story on Stuff today:


That’s right, they even emphasized the word “man”, as it to remind us that yes in fact that saying does mean man, and not the generic “person” (as people often try to claim)

The post consists of a video of Key and Goff being asked questions preseumably designed to gauge whether they are real men or limp-wristed metrosexuals. They’re asked if they’ve ever punched someone, or shot a living thing, or done a yardie, and who drives on a trip to the bach with their wife. They’re asked for their best wilderness survival tip, and would they choose Tui or Pinot, and if they can change a tyre. Would you tell your wife that her new haircut looks bad? NO, they both say. What’s your best secret BBQ recipe? What if you ran out of undies- John would go commando, Phil would wash his stuff in the hotel sink. These are questions about MANLY things, you see. Men being men, and doing man stuff.

FUCK THAT SHIT. I have no energy to be more articulate than that. I am tired of this “here is what a man is like” crap. It’s so stupid, and so lazy, and SO pathetic. But sadly I am sure there will be plenty of people who eat it up.



  1. some guy says:

    … like the entirety of the television “news” cohort. Pack of pathetic, intellectually bankrupt, creativity bereft drones.

    • steph says:

      I hear that. I wouldn’t have put it past Guyon Espiner to describe it as “hard-hitting”, or “asking the tough questions”, or “in-depth election analysis”, or something of that nature….

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  3. Katherine says:

    Mantastic. -_- I’m not voting for either.

    • steph says:

      I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at this kind of stupid crap, but I’m still disappointed. Maybe they should’ve just whipped out their dicks and compared them to say definitively who the manliest man was- it would have gotten to the gist of it much more efficiently.

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