Did the author really have to call this fight between two women a “catfight”?? Even the title calls it a fist fight. SIGH. More importantly, the author forgot to tell us how much hair-pulling and scratching occurred. Did either of the women have her shirt ripped off??


  1. Bel says:

    Next time I hear the stray cats yeowling around our neighborhood, I’m gonna whip out my camera and get some snaps … because cat fights are super newsworthy!! Apparently!!

    • steph says:

      Oh, they totally are. Also, I hear catfights are quite sexy and exciting. So, another reason to get the camera out.

  2. Tamara says:

    I’m glad someone posted on this. After I read that I couldn’t finish the rest of the story it left such a bad taste in my mouth. Unfortunately I’ve just skimmed the rest of it now and my brain exploded. Front page news really?

    • steph says:

      It’s just so damn weak and lazy. And disappointing. And, as I said, the title calls it a fist fight, and I would be perfectly happy for that to be consistent throughout the article (I’m assuming the title may not be chosen by the author but I don’t really know what the convention/norm is). It’s just so silly. If you asked the author why she called it a catfight I wonder what she would say?

      • Tamara says:

        It smacks of tabloid journalism, perhaps they’re encouraged to use these catchy expressions?

        • steph says:

          Well I guess it is a term/expression that evokes a certain feeling or response from some people, which is probably considered a desirable thing.