“Feminism is anti-evolution”

I’m at home after having a wisdom tooth removed, and so not really in the mood for blogging, but one thing is causing me more pain and discomfort than the tooth extraction has: this horrible opinion piece, “But I’m a Feminist and I love chivalry!”. Sorry, I mean “Should chivalry be stopped?”. The entire thing is terrible, and is a great example of a bad opinion piece, but all I can really muster up the effort to ask is: do you think the men quoted in it (Ned, Tom, Jed, and Kent) are really just dudes the author made up (“Ned”, “Tom”, “Jed”, and “Kent”) to put forward her various perspectives on the issue but also include a man’s view? While reading it I was reminded of being a teenager reading Cosmo- pages and pages of sex tips and “what I like in a woman” quotes from men named Dylan, Sam, Jack, Christian, and I was fairly certain that rather than finding 50 new guys to provide opinions every issue that the author just made up a bunch of quotes and attributed them to fictional guys. Either that or asked the people in the office to make up silly shit (“My girlfriend wore her used thong as a scrunchie and it was super hot!”) and made up a bunch of guy names for their “sources”. So when I read that Ned, a “30-something finance guy” thinks that “From an evolutionary perspective, I’m meant to do the physical stuff because I was born stronger than her, and because she is busy with the children or whatever. Opening a car door is a tiny manifestation of that.”, it reeks of the Cosmo treatment to me. Or maybe I just don’t want to believe that the men quoted in the article are for real…



  1. Kiwiana says:

    I did have to laugh at one of the comments, which was something along the lines of (sorry for paraphrasing, I really don’t want to go over and read it again): “I don’t think chivalry’s sexist, but I think the men you quote in your article are.”

    • steph says:

      Oh, the comments section….when I wrote this post there were no comments, and when I checked back the comments section had exploded and there were more than a hundred.

  2. Katherine says:

    Not touching that comments section with a bargepole. My partner saw that article so I got to have a discussion with him about the ridiculosity of those articles that come out every month or two, and about the difference between manners (holding a door open for someone) and chivalry (dashing in front of women to open doors for them and complaining when you think she isn’t grateful enough for your manly manliness making life easier for her, as though she would struggle to open a door).

    • steph says:

      But didn’t you know that women don’t have the same level of physical ability to open doors as men do, because of evolution??

      I also didn’t want to wade into the comments! And the article (and commenters) failed hard at the distinction (that you articulated between manners and chivalry. I am pro manners, but anti dudes rushing to hold the door for poor weak ladies and then getting annoyed they aren’t getting laid as a direct result . Also, the guys claming that their masculinity would take a blow if they weren’t allowed to be chivalrous? FAIL. Just ridiculous.