“Women hate hard work” and other stereotypes

Good news, everyone! Kerre Woodham has explained to us the REAL reason for the wage gap between men and women. Fuck Alasdair Thompson’s explanation that it’s due to periods and babies; Kerre knows the real reason: it’s because women don’t want to earn as much as men!

What does gender pay parity really mean? If women aren’t earning as much as men, quite often it’s because they don’t want to.

They don’t want to put in the hours and the weekends and the stress and the politics that are involved in clawing your way to the top of your field.

WE ARE NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT CEO’S, KERRE. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT WOMEN AT ALL LEVELS OF THE CAREER LADDER. And major fail by comparing apples and oranges; the wage gap isn’t the difference between what John Key earns and what a women who cleans offices earns. The gap is between men and women doing the SAME JOB who are equivalent in things such as experience, qualifications, etc. So the number of women getting to the tops of their fields is not what this is about – although it is a interesting issue in it’s own right.

I would be more ranty about this, but this steaming pile of women-bashing garbage with no actual evidence or stats to back it up is classic Kerre Woodham, so I can’t really be surprised or taken aback. In fact, I think that from now on whenever someone uses baseless speculation and anecdotes based on tired stereotypes to offer up the solution to an issue, especially if it involves women or poor people, I’m going to re-name that “pulling a Kerre”. You hear someone saying that rape victims aren’t to blame, but really women should be careful about what they wear? They just pulled a Kerre.


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