First and foremost, a major shout out to Boganette for organizing The 37th Down Under Feminist Carnival; check it out because there is so much good stuff to read.


Via Sociological Images (a great site in general): I’m not racist, but… , which catalogues some instances of shitty justification for racist statements. They’re not racist, they’re just stating facts!

And, an affiliate site: I’m not sexist, but…


An article on Ms. magazine blog by Michael Kimmel: “Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the Myth of Consent”. I particularly like this bit:

The question is how many groupies are actually out there? In the Colorado case, one of the attorneys for the raped women asked the football players a most telling question:  “How many female students here at CU would you consider to be ‘football groupies’? One running back said, “About half.” Another player, a wide receiver, answered “a majority.”

In these guys’ minds, every other female student at Colorado would have sex with them, any time and anywhere. But I’d say it’s more likely that, at any one moment, only a handful–oh, let’s inflate wildly and say one-half of 1 percent, or about 72 women on the campus–might actually be classified as groupies. That would put these football stars off by about 14,300.  In other words, their celebrity so distorted their vision that they misconceived the sexual interest of women they encountered on a daily basis–“misoverestimated”–as our former president might have said–by a factor of 10,000 percent.


“Too Young to Wed” by Cynthia Gorney on the topic of child brides.


I also recently got around to watching North Country (directed by Niki Caro), which has been sitting in my MySky pile for ages, and I highly recommend it. And yes, I totally cried.


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