Blame the rapists

Now that Slutwalk Aotearoa is drawing near, there has been a fair bit of discussion going on about it and the issues it aims to address, including coverage on Backbenches where Paul Quinn failed big-time totally misheard the question, you guys. And apparently people still haven’t gotten the memo that rapists are actually to blame for rape, not drunk women, or being out at 1am or 3am or 6am, and or short skirts. Funny that, because it seems like it would be fairly easy to comprehend. I feel like reiterating the point: rapists are to blame for rape, nothing else.

Not a rapist, as far as I know.

Mini-skirts don’t rape people; rapists do. So please stop talking about them in the context of rape.


Also not a rapist.

Alcohol doesn’t rape people; rapists do.


This deserted alleyway has never raped anyone.

Dark streets at night don’t rape people; rapists do.

If that’s still to difficult to accept, think about this: take all those things – a short skirt, alcohol, a poorly-lit street late at night- and add them together. Drunken woman+miniskirt+alleyway =/= rape. You might think that sounds like the perfect equation for rape, but you’d be wrong because there’s one crucial element missing: A RAPIST. Without a rapist in the equation – this equation or any equation- there wont be a rape. It seems like such a simple idea to grasp, and yet we’re still swimming against the tide of a victim-blaming rape culture, desperately trying to get people to understand.


*if at least one person isn’t thinking about Goldie Lookin Chain after this post, I have failed miserably


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