I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon a bit as of late, but I have been reading a lot and checking out the links provided by other feminist bloggers. So, in ths spirit of things:


There’s been a hoopla over omg secret underground school abortion rings!11!!!! and other bloggers have issued some fierce takedowns. I was reminded of what a weaselly, lying, scumbag Bob McCoskrie is when I read this by ALRANZ

And just one more thing. In its April press release and again in December, Family First National Director Bob McCoskrie argued that bringing in a parental notification law was “especially relevant when almost 80 teenagers a week have an abortion in NZ.”  It is disingenuous to cite this figure in a discussion of mandatory notification for under 16s because it includes all 11 to 19-year-olds, many of whom a parental notification law would not affect.

According to Statistics NZ, in the 11-14 age group, there were 79 abortions in 2009, (1.5 a week) and in the 15-19 year group, 3,871 (around 74 a week). The figures do not offer a 15-years and under breakdown, but it’s clear that would fall far far short of 80 abortions a week.

(Bob is again quoted here, on May 17th 2011, as making the 80 abortions a week claim).


An interview with SlutWalk Aotearoa organiser Maria-Jane Scannell is here.

I think it’s a really important thing to note – as this seems to be getting glossed over quite a lot – is that SlutWalk is ‘come as you are’. If you want to throw on your short shorts, your fishnets, your corsets, or any other clothing that could be seen as stereotypically ‘slutty’, you are more than welcome to (I know I’ll be rocking my corset dress!). But by the same measure, the idea of the march is that NO ONE is to blame for sexual assault. Not to mention, these marches are being held in the middle of June!! So wearing jeans, merino or a jacket makes you no more or less a SlutWalker than miniskirts do.

I’d also probably point out that there has been a lot of misunderstanding around the SlutWalk and what it is all about. We are not encouraging all women to be sluts, and we do not believe that you have to reclaim the word slut in order to empower yourself. The SlutWalk is for everyone – whether you can, or want to, identify as a ‘slut’ or not – who believes that there is nothing we can do that will cause someone to rape us.



A little bit old, but an interesting read about sexual assault and rape of men in the military services in the US.  (Discusses details about victimization, assault, rape, and rape culture).


Lady Journos!, where I have been finding lots of articles on all kinds of topics.


And I finally managed to keep a film committment and saw Operation 8, which was showing as part of the World Cinema Showcase. Sadly, I think the screening of it in the showcase is now over, but I would recommend it to anyone when it (hopefully) later becomes available in a more general release. UPDATED: Here is the general release screening info for Operation 8 (down the righthand side): it’s on now in some cinemas and coming soon to more.


  1. Monday says:

    just to add: Operation 8 is on general release in a bunch of locations… check out

    • steph says:

      Fab, thanks for that. When I saw it the directors mentioned that getting it out was in the works, and I clearly didn’t read the site properly when I linked to it! I’m pleased to see lots of listings for screening venues, and will be encouraging people I know to see it.

  2. Julie says:

    Thank ye kindly for the linky love 🙂

    • steph says:

      Thank you for writing that great post! I read the “secret abortions” article online over the weekend was appalled at how ridiculous it was, and then was pleased to read so many excellent bloggers criticizing it.