Hate-y for Katie

All the “zomg Kate Middleton’s too thin!!11!11!!!” panic that’s been building for months now has gotten on my nerves like you wont believe.  People who are not Kate or her doctor shouldn’t  get to have an opinion about that. But today- the day of her wedding- it has come to a head: “Health professionals are concerned Kate Middleton is at risk of not making it down the aisle on Friday.” Omg, did she diet her legs right off?? Nah, a bunch of jerks- I’m sorry, dieticians who don’t treat Kate and have never met her- are super worried she’s gotten so thin she won’t be able to walk down the aisle, presumably because she will collapse on the threshold of Westmisnter Abbey – either due to starvation-induced weakness or because she’s having a sobbing breakdown about how much she wants a pie.  All I can say to that is: fuck right off. The teevee news last night told me lots of people are making royal wedding-related bets, so in that vein I will make one myself: I bet that Kate won’t fail to make it down the aisle due to her “brideorexia” or “waify” thinness (Waify Katie, geddit?!). I think I’m going to bet a million pounds (it’s a Brit wedding, so I’m choosing to bet in pounds) that she will make it down the aisle.

Obviously, the issue of women starving themselves as wedding prep is a a real issue, and the article does touch on it, but couching concern about that issue in concern for Kate -based on pure speculation, really- is not ok.


  1. stef says:

    I find the whole modern wedding ritual, the consumption for the sake of consumption, crash dieting and overwrought theatrics in the name of tradition to be concerning and, at times, totally dishonest.

    • steph says:

      There does seem to be a lot of theatrics and charade- ritual, as you say: acting the part of what a bride is meant to be like and act like, etc. I’m obviously just a grumpy sour-puss for saying that though, haha

  2. Pirra says:

    (Just found you through News With Nipples)

    Normally I stay away from all things Royal. But the crap Kate has copped over her size is ridiculous. Especially when the people giving her hell over her size are the same ones air brushing her images to make her look even smaller. (Did you see the before and after shots of her wedding photos? Why on earth those magazines felt the need to air brush her waist…and then vilify her for being too thin….arrgh!)

    • steph says:

      Yeah, I’m not a follower of Royal-related things either, but the wedding frenzy meant I absorbed enough to become very annoyed. I did see those before and after shots, and they were ghastly! As you said, how ridiculous that their bread and butter was snarking on how “dangerously thin” she’d gotten, and then shaved down her waist in the photos!