Fruit and veg

I have obviously completed my transformation into  a full-blown  cynical jerk: my first response to this piece about Claire Gourley trying to make cooking more appealing and accessible to teenagers was to zero in on this part

“Cooking is a dying skill,” Gourley says. “A lot of people don’t realise how food affects them. But two out of three children in New Zealand don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. That might be fine now, but what about when they’re older? More people die in New Zealand each year as a result of illnesses caused by bad food choices than are killed in car accidents. That’s just terrible.”

(emphasis mine)

and to bitterly think to myself that perhaps there is more than lack of skills that is contributing to kids not getting their veggies. Not that cooking isn’t a potential issue, but I think that rising food prices and poor food security is a more significant part of why people (kids/teens in this case) aren’t eating fruit and vegetables.

I’ve got no issue with someone trying to address a skill gap, but if a family can’t afford produce to cook and eat then having the skills seems almost irrelevant.

/cynical rant over.

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