Awesomeness in real life

I just found out that a friend is doing a (public) poster presentation (and taking questions) this Wednesday on the topic of her Master’s thesis: the title of the presentation is “Why Do Some Men Rape?: An Investigation into the Root Causes of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Wartime”. My very bad-ass friend had a placement at an NGO in East Timor last year and I was very excited and interested when I heard about her thesis subject. I’m looking forward to hearing about her work.


  1. Melimalle says:

    This makes me want to move out of Tauranga even more. I miss the opportunities to be apart of the amazing work that people are doing in the larger parts of NZ. Your friend’s presentation sounds like it would be a fantastic thing to hear.

    • steph says:

      It was a great presentation, and made me even more excited to see how her work develops.

      I understand the desire to move away! Even though I really like my life in Dunedin (and am tied to the place for at least a little while longer) I am a bit jealous of all the exciting feministy stuff happening in other cities (Wellington Young Feminists Collective, Slutwalk, etc).