Now is the time to start panicking, people

This whole column by Garth George is worth a read, but the bit that made me laugh the most was this

Just to show how really upside-down our society has become, the Colmar-Brunton poll of nearly 500 folk in their 20s showed that while females are busy focusing on their careers, it seems the young men they work alongside are dreaming about becoming fathers.


Good gracious me. The grass is blue, the sky is green, and some women don’t even know how to cook a roast chicken any more! Fetch me my fainting couch.


  1. Amanda says:

    Shhh, if you’re vewy vewy quiet, you can listen and hear the unspoken addendum to that sentence: “And that makes them pansy ass gay sissies!”

  2. Rageaholic says:

    It’s funny (well, not ha-ha funny I guess), when I read the original article over the weekend about the poll GG is referring to, my reaction was that it showed that the gender wage gap is still a big issue for women. Of course many women would be happier with a pay rise than a baby – income and financial security is major consideration when planning children, and that is more difficult for women to achieve with the pay gap! Nor was it surprising that more men wanted a baby – men tend to get paid more and feel more secure in their job.

    But no, Garth George knows the real truth, society is upside-down and it’s all the fault of BRA-BURNING FEMINISTS!!
    I can’t believe he seriously pulled that one out.

    • steph says:

      Yeah, I loved that his point was so weak and unoriginal that he resorted to the biggest cliche in the book. Bra-burning feminists: they’re totally a thing. True fact. Also fact: bra burning is the direct cause of the murder of unborn children.

      • Amanda says:

        “Also fact: bra burning is the direct cause of the murder of unborn children.”

        Yeah, coz how those bebehs supposed to latch on to the teat when it’s dangling around your knees laydeeez…

        • steph says:

          Saggy, un-pushed up boobies are so gross looking and a baby wouldn’t want to go near a gross boob. I mean, saggy boobs are unsexy, right? So a baby would totally reject that.

  3. Melimalle says:

    Actually my favourite bit was “What began – and I admit absolutely necessarily – as a movement to get women out from under male domination has got out of hand.”

    And, impressively, a lot of the comments disagree with Garth’s column. It’s nice to see the views of other rational beings!

    • steph says:

      Haha, yes, that part was great too. Women these days! All those rights have gone to their heads and they’re out of control!