“The Skanks”

Could this man have said the word “skanks” any more times in his comment about prostitutes in Christchurch??

For the last 20 years the deal was that the skanks stayed in the area over Bealey Ave. We kind of accepted it. But now the skanks are hanging out here, they cross up and down the street and people are really nervous about them and the traffic and people they are attracting. “Yes, it’s legal, but it still doesn’t make it right or acceptable near the homes of decent people. If you have one skank, other skanks will come. It just escalates. Where do you draw the line?”


“If you have one skank, the other skanks will come”. I’m sure they have some kind of skank homing sense, and their skank-y senses tingle, and when one shows up the others will flock there too.



  1. Amanda says:

    “decent people”

    Well, fuck you asshole. Way to forget how disaster affects the most vulnerable in society – they’ve lost their homes and places of livelihood too. I bet he’s the type who would say the poor aspergers kid who got beat up by the police was “asking for it”.

  2. Bel says:

    Maybe he’s been watching a bit much of this?

  3. Octavia says:

    Sex workers – not part of the group of real, ‘people-people’ we like, but apparently some kind of lower order or something.

    Dear misogynists,
    Please, tell us how you really feel. I’m sure you also
    have opinions on police brutality and Those Gays having
    rights and shit.
    No love,
    People who think that sex workers are actually gasp human.

  4. stef says:

    And the complete disconnect of scorn heaped towards the people USING the service. Not that its any of my business, but really I hate that the prostitutes are the ones who are blamed for society to go hell without any mention of the people paying.

    • steph says:

      Exactly. Those horrible, nasty whores get all the blame when really their business wouldn’t exist without patronage.

  5. Boganette says:

    Aghhhhhhhhhhhh I need to punch this guy. Where is he?