Just the missionary position

If you were raped, and part of that rape involved the rapist holding you down with his body, guess what? That’s just the missionary position, silly.

(This is not me making a definitive call on whether or not Assange is a rapist, but rather commenting on the idea that it’s fairly common for people to try to redefine the experiences of victims – for example, street harrassment is “just a compliment”- and that there’s something to be said about  “he held me down with his body” being refuted by saying “that’s a normal sexual position” as if the woman wouldn’t know what was an okay sexual position experience and what was force that she wasn’t consenting to)


  1. Ladybroseph says:

    ‘It’s not rape, he just forced her to have sex against her will’ (also, not a claim about Assange)

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  3. Rageaholic says:

    I was not aware that rape is only possible in certain positions, missionary not being one. Where’s the list of positions that might be rape then?

    • steph says:

      Well, woman on top is obviously consensual (if she’s on top she could get away). Doggie style surely is also consensual (how else would she end over if not voluntarily?). I mean really, when you start to think about it, it seems unlikely that you could be raped in any position.

      • Cameron says:

        Some other key factors: Did she say no in several languages? Did she fight back? Was she wearing clothing that made the poor man think she was “asking for it”?

        I’m thinking that I need to install a foam pad on the edge of my desk as the headaches I’m getting from the repetitive head desking I”m doing are really quiet annoying.

        • steph says:

          A foam pad for desks to prevent headdesking related injuries would be great!

          • Cameron says:

            CRAP! I just had ANOTHER business idea and blurted it out on a public forum.
            *head desks*

          • Amanda says:

            And you know, that foam padding could double as padding when someone gets not-raped against the desk. Coz if you’re doing it in a room other than the bedroom, that’s not rape, it’s just kinky/sexfuntimes.

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