Photoshop disaster?

One of my secret shames is how much I enjoy reading the free newspapers that are delivered every week: The Star, and D Scene – although, to be fair, D Scene is a “magapaper”. D Scene is awful, and The Star is mostly community stuff, but I love the inadvertently funny headlines, and I love how bad D Scene is. Just straight up terrible. I also have a soft spot for the ads in both papers: cheesy, and often sounding like they are stretching the boundaries of truth to the limit. The last few issues of The Star I’ve read have featured an ad for Configure Express, including some promotion of their new “Visual Transformation Software”

This new three-dimensional technology visually demonstrates a virtual body transformation.  This software shows both prospective and current members how their body has the potential to be transformed over time through nutrition and exercise programmes.

I can only hope that the image in the ad is not representative of the virtual body transformation shown to members

(larger version here)

If it is, I guess the software is showing members how their body has the potential to be transformed over time through a regimen of having their head squashed between two wooden planks. Or, you know, overzealously compressed horizontally with a punishing photoshop programme…


  1. Amanda says:

    Oh geez, is that ALL I have to do to lose weight? Squish myself between two boards? WOW! Why didn’t I think of that before!


    • steph says:

      I laugh a lot at this ad because it reminds me of my old high school’s approach to school ID cards: every photo was so poorly done that it had to be stretched or shrunken in one direction to fit, so the photos were always so bizarre looking, and lots of the time looked like the woman in the ad where she’s just been squashed to make her look thinner.

  2. Boganette says:

    HAHAHAHAHA brilliant.

    • steph says:

      It is pretty awesome! I laugh a lot whenever I come across the ad because in my head I imagine a gym member being shown this after pic and being told “and here’s what you’ll look like after 8 weeks on this plan. Isn’t the transformation amazing!” and the gym member being kind of speechless and confused.