Setting a good example from the top down

This morning The Herald asks “Are Kiwi Men Vulgar?”.

Well, given that the only a few days ago the Prime Minister, top man in the country, was on a breakfast radio show talking about how hot certain female celebrities are with a well-known domestic abuser -a man who violently assaulted his female partner- well, what an apt time for such a headline to appear, huh? I imagine there will be plenty of people who don’t see a connection between those two things.


  1. Amanda says:

    Unfortunately, Anna Farris backtracked on her “Kiwi men are pigs” comments, so now she’ll be held up as (the slut) actress who backpedaled (because she got bullied to).

    I don’t think she saw our support.

    Really, I don’t think vulgarity has anything to do with patriotism. You get vulgar, offensive men the world over. It’s a little insidious kinda commentary like that which will have people running to defend out country and dudes (because, yes, we do know that overall men are reasonably decent), and smugly say they’re not as offensive as X country’s men who make war/oppress women/european leer/american vulgarity etc. And wow HAVEN”T YOU KIWI LADEEZ GOT IT FANTASTIC THAT WE DON’T BEAT/MAIM/KILL/STONE/LEER YOU (much)

    • steph says:

      Yeah, I read her later comments and wished I could convey to her somehow that there are women here who know what she means and have shared experiences.

      I also agree that you get vulgar men tha world over, and it probably is only a matter of time before people give extreme examples of vulgarity from “lesser” countries than us to try to make women here just accept that what we have mustn’t be that bad at all.

      I just thought it was a kind of humerously timed question. Though I don’t really think that Key is somehow indicative of the majority of NZ men (or at least I hope he isn’t..), there was something about the way his comments were dismissed as “normal” and then you get men answering the “are Kiwi men vulgar?” question with “no, of course not, it’s really women, I’ve never heard a man here being vulgar!” and reinforcing this dismissive attitude that oh no, these things aren’t vulgar, they’re just harmless! It made me facepalm a wee bit.