My muffin top is all that

Apparently the latest item of clothing to be resurrected from the fashion graveyard is the humble crop top t shirt. Yes, crop tops are in again. Well, they’re in again for thin people, that is. The original article only vaguely alludes to this with a reference to the “unsightly muffin-top phenomenon”, but the comments get right to the point on this one: fatties should stay the fuck away from this trend. Like, on a different continent far away. The consensus seems to be that crop tops are fine/awesome/acceptable/fashionable when worn by “people who can pull them off”, i.e. “girls that look like the one in the picture”: “slender and toned” women can wear this, but it is not for “fat chicks”. To that I have to say: fuck you. Fuck you; I wouldn’t tell you what to wear, so don’t tell me or anyone else. I personally have no desire to ever wear a crop top (I find them fairly hideous not matter what the person wearing them looks like; I think it’s some sort of visceral reaction to 90’s revival fashion), but that doesn’t mean I have any right to stop other people from wearing one. I find lots of items of clothing generally weird and not aesthetically appealing (three-quarter length pants, maxi dresses) but I don’t get to make that call for anyone but myself. Even if I see someone wearing a maxi dress and think “ugh, maxi dresses are awful”, I don’t actually have the power to tell other what to wear and I have no desire to actively police people’s outfits and enforce some sort of dress code. And I certainly don’t get to say things like “people who look like X shouldn’t wear Y item of clothing”, or decide that only certain people can “pull off” that look. It’s none of my business. If these people who think that only the toned and slender should wear crop tops genuinely think that, then they should just keep it to themselves and if they see an “unacceptable” person wearing one then maybe they should just swivel their head around 90 degrees and look at something else.

The thing I that stands out most to me when I think about how my feminism has evolved lately is that I feel very strongly that we don’t actually have the right to police other people’s choices in this way;  nobody gets to tell me how to dress and dictate whether an item of clothing is acceptable for me to wear or not, so by that logic I have no right no judge the choices that others make when it comes to that. Which is why even though I think crop tops are weird and kind of ugly, my stance isn’t going to be that nobody should wear them, or only thin women should wear them. All those people telling women with muffin tops to back away form the crop tops fatties should stop worrying about the idea that they might have to see the midriff of a woman who –gasp!- isn’t a size 6 and move along. And this body-policing, fat-shaming shit has to stop. Right now.

And anyway, what’s with all the muffin top hate? Surely everybody agrees that the muffin top is the best part of the muffin, right? I’m sure Jenna Maroney agrees with me on that one.


  1. QoT says:

    Muffin tops are so much the best part of the muffin that I still vividly remember an episode of Gilmore Girls in which Sookie showed up at Lorelai’s with a basket of muffin tops. Because who needed to waste space in the basket with muffin bottoms?

    (Admittedly, she eschewed food wastage and thus also showed up with muffin-bottom pie, a concept I find intriguing and yet a little scary, a la Krispy Kreme bread-and-butter pudding.)

    • steph says:

      I was in Countdown a while back and in the bakery section they had lots of packages of goods baked in store- packs of muffins, cupcakes, etc. And one of the things they had was a tray of muffin tops! Six muffin tops in a few different flavours. They obviously know that people love the tops of muffins and don’t care so much about the bottom bits; or at least there are enough people who do to warrant selling a pack comprised of only tops!

  2. stef says:

    Ha snap QoT I just finished watching a gilmore girls marathon.

    And awesome as always steph.

  3. Amanda says:

    I once wore a maxi dress. ONCE. Brand new, thought it looked awesome (this was in my slimmer 20s), wore it to work…and my boss, MY BOSS, told me it made look pregnant. Man, that guy could be such an asshole sometimes.

    I reckon it would be fun to commit fashion heresy – wear a maxi dress, cullottes, crop top and gladiator sandals ALL AT ONCE! Fuck yeah!

  4. Boganette says:

    I love maxi-dresses. And I love my muffin top.

    I heard a girl on the bus say to her friend “it’s really upsetting me how many fatties are wearing short shorts – it’s like so offensive!”. And I thought – shit, how can you go about your life being offended by clothing. That’s ridiculous.

    This whole thing of fat women shouldn’t wear this, that and that other thing is just fat-hate. These people would prefer fat people never leave the house. THEY are the problem. Not the fat people and not the clothes. I will put my fat ass in whatever I want thank-you-very-much. You’re the problem not me assholes!

    • steph says:

      Exactly! One of my friends used to say she didn’t care what other people thought of her clothes because they could just look away and deal. And I agree; people should really take their opinions and GTFO. The idea that certain things can only be worn by certain people (i.e. thin ones) is shitty and restrictive.

      I wore a bikini top and short shorts to the beach recently (after way too long of letting other people’s stupid attitudes and body hate put me off) and I can only hope I offended some people like that girl on the bus!

  5. Tamara Liebman says:

    I gotta say Stuff’s fashion articles are terrible on this front. Do avoid!
    I have a lovely maxi-dress by the way, cleverly cut not to make me look pregnant. But it does make me look short and I don’t care. I refuse to wear heels.

  6. Blondie says:

    I dunno. I’m scared how this will sound but…. there’s muffin tops and muffin tops. Wearing clothes two sizes too small for you = bad. Not just cos of how it looks, but because it simply cannot be healthy or comfortable to cut off your circulation, or risk your clothes splitting whilst out and about.

    As opposed to the “little” muffin top, which just results from having a healthy normal amount of fat on one’s hips. You know, the kind you get from being a non-anorexic female? That’s actually kinda cute….. .