Sophie Elliot Foundation update

Here is the website for the Sophie Elliot Foundation, and the Facebook page.


  1. Katherine says:

    :O You’re so helpful!

    • Katherine says:

      So I might be in the habit of reading your site before The Hand Mirror each morning with my not-coffee.

      • steph says:

        Did someone I know tell you I love compliments? I love compliments, haha.

        • Katherine says:

          So how far do your comments nest? I like bloggers who let their comments sections nest lots 😉

          Ok not really. I do like your blog though 😀

  2. Katherine says:

    From the website, on the Aims page: “We also aim to encourage young and adult men to actively oppose violence against women, and promote a culture of non-violence and respect. We acknowledge that the vast majority of men in New Zealand are caring and loving partners, and we seek their partnership. ”

    Much better than the articles in the news. I wonder whether this was updated based on feedback after the news articles, or whether it was always intended, but the media focussed on the “women! stay out of bad relationships!” angle.

    • steph says:

      Yeah, that was the thing I wanted to know when I checked out the website, and I was pleased that they mentioned men at least. It could be media focus (target the victims is a hard habit to break!), or maybe the foundation is including men but still has women as their primary focus, or maybe they just wanted to present a certain angle to be more concise in press releases; who knows. But I’m pleased to see it isn’t just about women, because I was thinking about it a lot yesterday (before I saw the website) and was getting really uncomfortable with the parallels you could draw between this and the ‘rape prevention tips for women’ mentality.