Warming my cold, feminist heart

This I like. How great would it be if an All Black pledged to donate money to Women’s Refuge or Rape Crisis for every try he scored? Or if Guppy gave me another reason to love him and donated for every six he hit?


  1. QoT says:

    Cricket already does some stellar work in Aussie with the McGrath Foundation and raising cash for breast cancer research, so come on, Guptill! Or Danny. Or Brendan McCullum could donate on a per-ridiculously-hot-ninja-roll-catches basis.

    Of course when it comes to rugby [league], do not start me.

    • steph says:

      Thanks for that link, I hadn’t read that. What a pile of shit! The idea that a man, of his own free will, wants to donate to Women’s Refuge, also warms my cold, feminist heart. Too bad about the rest of it…

      I do remember some cricket late last year/early this year (maybe?) here in NZ where a team played in pink uniforms; something to do with breast cancer awareness/support for reasearch. I can’t remember the details; whether money was involved or if it was just a show of solidarity or something.