I love knowing that my feminism makes people sick

I’ve been following the unfolding of the Dr. Laura Schlessinger debacle with interest. When someone spews out a giant torrent of racism, intolerance, and insensitivity, and then follows up with

“I want to regain my first amendment rights,” she said. “I want to be able to say what’s in my heart, and on my mind, what I think is helpful and useful, without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is a time to silence a voice of dissent.”

instead of “I was so fucking wrong, and there is no excuse for what I said”, then I am eager to see how it pans out. She has now quit her radio job, and plans to focus on dispensing hate via her internet site, podcasts, and YouTube. Whew. Because I was scared for a second that I would miss out on her pearls of wisdom, such as her view on babies conceived through IVF/other assisted reproductive methods

“When you’re the product of some fellow ejaculating into a cup for $100 there isn’t the same sense of history.”

and women who live (and have sex) with men outside of marriage

“I use the term ‘unpaid whore’ for women who shack up with guys, rather than dignify themselves and sexual intimacy with a marital commitment. I tell them that at the very least, they ought to be paid for sex, since it ultimately means nothing profoundly important to him past the orgasm.”

or just about any of these jewels of wise advice

One of the first things you do is rename behaviors or what have you. Once you rename it… It’s like in Vietnam, I remember quite clearly. Instead of calling them North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, Communist or what have you, they started calling the Vietnamese agents gooks. One of the reasons you call them gooks is because it’s easy to kill a gook, harder to kill a person. So in changing the name of the thing, it changes how we perceive it and how we can behave toward it. When we have the word homosexual, we are clarifying the dysfunction, the deviancy, the reality.”

Responding to a fax sent into her show in 1999 that said that pedophilia has nothing to do with sexual orientation, Dr.Laura said: “That is not true. How many letters have I read on the air from gay men who acknowledge that a huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys?”

“When the wife does not focus in on the needs and the feelings, sexually, personally, to make him feel like a man, to make him feel like a success, to make him feel like her hero, he’s very susceptible to the charm of some other woman making him feel what he needs.”

There is so much I could say about this disgusting, hateful woman, but I’m actually a bit busy right now: I’ve got some serious back payments to go and collect so I’m no longer an unpaid whore.

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