Julie on pro-choice abortion law

I’m sure by now most of you have read the brilliant post/presentation by Julie on why abortion needs to be legal (or a re-post, such as this one over at Ideologically Impure, spreading the awesomeness to everyone with eyes). Julie’s presentation is amazing, and is a beautifully structured argument for why abortion needs to be legal, and why abortion law needs to be pro-choice. The world isn’t perfect, and we do not have full control over our own fertility. And, as QoT states, people will have sex. They will. And because we don’t have full control over out fertility, pregnancies will happen. And some will be unwanted. And people will have abortions to end them.

As Julie says,

We don’t yet live in a world where we have full control of our fertility.

Unwanted pregnancies will happen.

So we’re faced with how we deal with those unwanted pregnancies – as individuals and as a society.

I believe that abortion is necessary. I believe that holding a pro-choice position, allowing the woman concerned to choose whether or not to continue her pregnancy, is the ethical, indeed the moral, approach.

Who else can make that decision?

Who else has a better understanding of her circumstances?

Who else has to live with the consequences?

And who else should control her body?

Exactly. Who else should get to make the decision for an individual woman? Nobody. Women should be able to make that decision for themselves.

Julie also explains why the current law is not pro-choice, and is pretty anti-women.

Overall, I can’t praise this presentation enough!


  1. Julie says:

    Thanks so much Steph, that means a lot.