A new morning-after pill has been approved for sale in the USA, ¬†and is expected to be available for sale later in 2010. Already on the market is Plan B (I’ve always loved that name!), which works for up to three days after sex, and is available without prescription for women aged 17 and up. The new pill, Ella, works for up to 5 days after sex, and is only available with a prescription. There are a few reasons for it being prescription only (at least at this stage), and some possible downsides, but overall it is an addition to the reproductive health choices that women have.

Naturally, there is controversy, as with anything concerning women and their own sexual health and choices. The ‘it will give women permission to be big slutty sluts’ argument has been busted out, as has the ‘it’s an abortion pill’ one.

One of the reasons a prescription morning-after pill could be a good thing is that if a pharmacist is presented with a doctor’s prescription for a morning-after pill, they might not be able to lie and say that there is none of it in stock, or refuse to sell it. Yeah, it happens.

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