Assimilation and “when in Rome”

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Ugh. Just ugh. “Veiled woman kicked off bus”. If you want to know the reason for my “ugh”, just read the comments. All 300+ of them.¬† What got ot me most was how many people were spouting variations on the “if you come to our country, you have to fit in!” theme. Blend in, adopt, adapt, assimilate, when in Rome, abide by our rules, be like us. Many commenters are saying that if they went to Saudi Arabia they would be respectful of dress codes and cover their arms and legs etc, so obviously when people from over there come here they should abide by our “culture”. I hadn’t realised that a uncovered face and hair were a root aspect of our culture, so that’s me schooled. Not just an issue of politeness, decorum, general ettiquete (e.g. removing caps indoors), but a fundamental element of “Kiwiness”. Basically, there are an awful lot of people who are using the “respect Kiwi culture!” line as a substitute for “blend in with us or don’t complain when you suffer the consequences”. And that is a pretty hateful and nasty attitude.

It’s like Carrie’s prom in here

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Sorry everyone, I can’t blog today;¬† I’m bleeding.

“Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes”

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On my way to work every morning I pass the The Captain Cook Tavern- famous/infamous in Dunedin, and general champion of poor taste. My opinion of The Cook is not a positive one, and I generally have no expectations of it. And yet somehow I still managed to be disappointed  by this promo poster in their window



What can I say, really? I like the way the “o” in “hoes” is a sexy lady mouth with a golf ball in it.


I guess “golf pros and tennis hoes” is much catchier than “dress up in an argyle vest or a tennis skirt for some cheaps KGBs. So who can fault them, right? Just tryin’ to be catchy.

My first impression was utter disgust over the “tennis hoes” part, and yet now the more I think about it I also can’t stop thinking “please, PLEASE don’t let anyone show up in blackface. PLEASE”. So much fail, really.