The Hangover 2: No Mel Gibson for you

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Well I still believe that The Hangover 2 will be a terrible pile of racist crap, it’s good to hear that the proposed cameo by Mel Gibson has been canned

Scandal-ridden Hollywood star Mel Gibson has lost out on a cameo part in the movie sequel to smash hit comedy The Hangover after objections from the cast and crew, the film’s director said.

Director Todd Phillips and film studio Warner Bros were ready to cast the Oscar-winning actor and director of movies such as Braveheart as a tattoo artist in The Hangover 2, but have now withdrawn the offer.

“I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of (the studio),” Phillips said in a joint statement with Warner Bros.

“But I realise filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.”

No reason was given for the apparent rebellion against Gibson performing in the sequel, but it follows a scandal that has engulfed Gibson for months over audiotapes of phone calls in which he rants at his former girlfriend.

I can only hope that the reason was “because we object to working with a racist, abusive jerk”. It’s probably more that working with a racist, uncontrollable bigot would be awful and possibly putting onself in the firing line, as well as taking a chance that the movie would collapse in on itself and not get made/finished/make money. But I hope that acknowledging his prejudice and awful behaviour is at least part of the reason.


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I got quite excited (teehee) when I heard about an in-the-works movie about the invention of the vibrator, titled Hysteria. Then, I saw the phrase “romantic comedy set in Victorian London”. Ladyboner killer indeed. Somehow I can see it going horribly wrong, although I will remain optimistic.