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Science and sports bras

Posted in exercise, scientatious, sports bras on August 20th, 2010 by steph – Comments Off on Science and sports bras

Good news! The perfect sports bra now exists, but isn’t actually available yet for us to get our greedy little hands on. Apparently studying breast movement during sport and exercise has been sneered at for a while now (anyone surprised?), but it is gaining momentum.

Australian researchers reported that the most effective sports bra, particularly for women who have a D-cup or larger, is one that compresses the breasts while lifting them from underneath with foam pads, “elevating the low point of breast displacement dynamically.”

Women reported this experimental bra was the most comfortable and scientists found it prevented breasts from moving in a figure-8 motion during exercise. Unfortunately, this bra is still in the lab, and the two styles currently on the market — the sports bras that smash both breast down into a uni-boob and those that cup each breast individually — won’t cut it, even if you wear both bras at once.

So, sadly, the news is that nothing on the market now will really cut it, and this sweet new sports bra probably wont be on the market anytime soon. One can only hope that, given the consumer desire for such a product, it wont be far away.