Hate-y for Katie

Posted in diets, lady-hate on April 28th, 2011 by steph – 4 Comments

All the “zomg Kate Middleton’s too thin!!11!11!!!” panic that’s been building for months now has gotten on my nerves like you wont believe.  People who are not Kate or her doctor shouldn’t  get to have an opinion about that. But today- the day of her wedding- it has come to a head: “Health professionals are concerned Kate Middleton is at risk of not making it down the aisle on Friday.” Omg, did she diet her legs right off?? Nah, a bunch of jerks- I’m sorry, dieticians who don’t treat Kate and have never met her- are super worried she’s gotten so thin she won’t be able to walk down the aisle, presumably because she will collapse on the threshold of Westmisnter Abbey – either due to starvation-induced weakness or because she’s having a sobbing breakdown about how much she wants a pie.  All I can say to that is: fuck right off. The teevee news last night told me lots of people are making royal wedding-related bets, so in that vein I will make one myself: I bet that Kate won’t fail to make it down the aisle due to her “brideorexia” or “waify” thinness (Waify Katie, geddit?!). I think I’m going to bet a million pounds (it’s a Brit wedding, so I’m choosing to bet in pounds) that she will make it down the aisle.

Obviously, the issue of women starving themselves as wedding prep is a a real issue, and the article does touch on it, but couching concern about that issue in concern for Kate -based on pure speculation, really- is not ok.

Another phrase I hate

Posted in lady-hate on February 4th, 2011 by steph – 6 Comments

In an article about the average BMI for Italian women dropping, counter to the trend seen in the US and UK, there was this gem of nasty little snark by Pietro Migliaccio, head of the Italian Society of Food Sciences, who says that now he can’t tell the difference between a 30-year-old and a 45-year-old or between a 40-year-old and a 65-year-old in the streets of Rome or Milan

“If you look at Scandinavian, German or Ukrainian women, they’re magnificent when they’re 18-20 years old but after that they let themselves go and by the time they’re 35 they’re already flabby,”

“Let themselves go” is one of those shitty little sayings about women that is used to imply that certain women (who no longer perform certain behaviours, or never did in the frist place) are not good enough and don’t meet the ridiculous standards laid down by society about how women should look. I hate the phrase “let themselves go”; it’s used purely to shame and guilt women, and I’m not having any of that, thanks.

Stop being such a girl

Posted in change the record, lady-hate on August 20th, 2010 by steph – 3 Comments

I’m getting very bored of  hearing things like “he cried like a little girl” and the like. Maybe I am just more aware of it, but it seems like I hear or read the ‘like a girl’ thing more and more lately. Such as in this column, where Colin Espiner talks about Tony Abbott ordering a shandy with light beer and 60% lemonade, then says “The girl.”

I know a lot of people will say oh, this is nothing, it’s so innocuous. But I want to grind my teeth every time I hear a movie character talking about how so-and-so (male) cried like a girl, or someone who is being a sore loser is told to not be such a girl, or someone who doesn’t want to do something scary is told to stop being a girl and do it. Change the record, please. I’m tired of girl being used as an insult. But I guess what else could I expect from a society that views being female as a bad thing? Of course ‘girl’ is an insult. That’s why it is used in an insulting way, and why it is such an effective and derogatory insult. I guess maybe I would just like to live in a world where being female isn’t considered to be weak and inferior and undesirable and something to distance oneself from, you know? That would be great, thanks.