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The Onion infiltrates mainstream media

Posted in Pole fitness, What the what? on August 17th, 2010 by steph – 9 Comments

Is it just me, or does this article about pole dancing classes for children read like it is something from The Onion?

Langley, has taught students age nine and up in regular classes, and has gone as young as five years old in private lessons.There’s even talk of introducing a mommy-and-me pole class.

“I just had a baby six months ago and I’m hoping she’ll start to learn pole-dancing as soon as she can,” says Tammy Morris, owner of Tantra Fitness. “Kids love the pole. If anything, it’s hard to get them off it because they’re such naturals.”


Notably, the only Tantra classes on which there are firm age restrictions are Exotic Dance and Lap Dance, leaving open those with names such as Bellylicious, Sexy Flexy, Pussycat Dawls and Promiscuous Girls. But for anyone underage to participate, Morris says a waiver must be signed by the youth’s parents.


In the case of seven-year-old Kennedy Benko, who’s been taking lessons for two years — and had Morris at her last birthday party, to teach her friends some pole tricks of their own — this isn’t a problem. Her mother is a fellow student at Tantra.

“It’s just another form of exercise, and an awesome core workout . . . You should see (Kennedy’s) little abs — they’re rockin’,” says Randi Moscovitch-Benko, a fitness instructor.


I, like others, am not denying that there is a huge level of athleticism needed for some of the stuff people pull off on a pole, but I really don’t know about  young girls attending classes called Promiscuous Girls, or Sexy Flexy. Even with the required parental consent. If anything, that kind of makes it worse… (and doesn’t really serve to subvert people’s opinions that pole dancing/fitness is only sexual, as Tammy Morris claims she is trying to do).