Photoshop disaster

Posted in photoshop on September 14th, 2011 by steph – 4 Comments

Yesterday I was checking out the Hannahs website (as you do when you realise “shit, do I even own a pair of sandals? Summer is coming up!”), and the whole front page was a promo for the “Kardashain Kollection” of shoes coming soon to Hannahs. I have zero interest in shoes “designed” by a Kardashian, however my attention was grabbed by the photo used to advertise the upcoming shoe collection



My first impressions: what the fuck is this shit? What the hell is going on with the head/face of the Kardashian on the left? It isn’t just me, right? That shit is messed up. Like her face is pasted onto her head really low or slightly to one side, or her smaller head from one photo is pasted onto her larger neck and body from a different photo? I do not know what it is, but something is not right. I’m not hating on the woman – I’ve seen photos of her where she looked regular and like her head was actually attached to her neck; no, this stinks of photoshop fail.


And the more I looked at it, the worse it seemed. Even the heads of the other two women  seem ridiculously  ‘shopped: none of the heads look like they’re actually attached to the necks, but rather kind of hovering in front of the necks and in a slightly lower  position than they should be- this is especially bad with the head on the right. And the edges of the neck in the middle are all fuzzy and blurred!

Everytime there’s some awful photoshop disaster in an photo used for an ad campaign, I always think “why didn’t someone point out how bad it looks?? Surely someone noticed; it’s so obviously horrible!”. Why would you choose to promote your product with such a fail image that looks like someone’s first attempt ever at editing a photo? Maybe the level of photoshop retouching (and stuff like using heads from one photo and bodies from another, to get just the right look) has desensitized people to the point where it really isn’t obvious anymore, and that’s why you see photos with hilariously  (and poorly) whittled waists and people say “oh, what do you mean that picture looks like a hot mess; it looks perfectly normal to me!”. Or maybe the inexpertly attached  head look is just what they were going for- I don’t know, I don’t really keep up with what is considered hot and sexy these days.